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Health Profiles Professional Frequently Asked Questions: Click on any or all questions that interest you.
What types of information does Health Profiles keep? (click for a complete list)
Why should we use Health Profiles Professional? (We already have medical billing software.)
How does the Professional Version differ from the consumer version?
Can Professional interact with my other software?
How is the email account you provide used?

What type of computers should my office have?

How much information for how many people, can I keep?

How does Health Profiles compare to other software?
How much does the software cost?
Can I try out Health Profiles Professional to see if I like it?

Is there a lot of data entry to be done?

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Why should we use Health Profiles Professional? (We already have medical billing software.) Health Profiles Professional is software is not billing software. Health Profiles Professional keeps your patients in touch with your office, keeps you informed as to their health issues, and can earn extra income for the average practice.  Almost every practice has chronically ill patients or patients which require closer monitoring. While there are many special monitoring devices (such as heart monitors), the average practice does not have a good method of keeping in touch with patients. When patients use Health Profiles software to keep their own data, they become better patients. When they submit this data to your office, then they become even better patients. The ability to have patients submit BP readings on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, etc.) or to get a complete up to date listing of all medications (prescription and non-prescription) is invaluable in preventative medicine. Because we have made it so easy to receive and read in data, any staff member can handle the process. Of course if you are requesting that data be submitted, then that becomes a billable task. But besides the extra income (and your practice can re-sell Health Profiles to patients as well), this is a very good step in enhancing your customer relationships with your patients.

How does the Professional Version differ from the consumer version? Health Profiles Professional can hold an unlimited number of patients. While the consumer version has programs which create and send data, the Professional version has the special programs to read in the data. Data sent is encrypted and compressed, and can be read in with just a few keystrokes. The professional version also has many special reports inlcuding reports for cross patient analysis. Health Profiles Professional is multi-user, which means your entire staff can access the data as needed. Each staff member is given their own special log-in and password. This login provides an audit trail necessary for HiPAA compliance. Back To Top

Can Professional interact with my other software? Health Profiles Professional can import and export data from most software packages. The main data for Health Profiles Professional should come form your patients who send in their data using their own copies of Health Profiles. This eliminates the need for data entry. If you have other software, such as spreadsheets or other medical record keeping software, then you can import a variety of data to supplement the patient data. Once you have created a setup for importing or exporting data, the setup can be saved and re-used as often as needed. Back To Top

How is the email account you provide used? We provide one email account with the purchase of Health Profiles Professional. The account may be in the name of an individual doctor or in the name of the practice. This account is used by the patient to send data to your office, or for you to send email notices back to the patient. Even if you currently have email accounts, we recommend using this account for these purposes. This way an office staff member can monitor this account and does not need access to your more private email accounts. Back To Top

What type of computers should my office have? While we do not recommend a specific brand of computer, here are the general requirements for your office systems that will use Health Profiles Professionals:
1. They should run a current version of Microsoft Windows, such as XP, 2000, 2003 or Vista.
2. The network should already be up and running bewteen the systems.
There are no limits on the number of patients whose data you can keep in the Professional version.
4. Up to 255 users in your office can access the data.

5. An Internet connection (broadband is highly recommended) is needed to receive data or emails from patients.
6. We always recommend that you obtain reliable anti-virus software, as well as have a hardware firewall set up for your network. This recommendation stands whether or not you purchase Health Profiles Professional.

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How much information for how many people, can I keep? You can literally keep millions of patients. The real limit is how much hard disk storage space is available. With today's new high capacity drives, that's not a problem. We cannot forecast exactly how much data each patient's records will use. That is because each patient can have many records of one type and very few of another. A good round average number to use is 20000 bytes per patient. So if your practice had 2000 patients using Health Profiles and submitting data to your office, you would use about 50 megabytes, including space for the programs as too. The average drive today is about 100+ gigabytes. So you would have room for about 30,000 patients and all of your programs too! Back To Top

How does Health Profiles compare to other software? Quite frankly, we shine! Our prices are lower, we keep more information, it is more accessible, and it's easier to use. Some of our competitors actually require that patients FAX all of their information to them so there is NO interaction available for the doctor! We think your data should be at your fingertips, be useful every day, and not require additional expenses, like faxing! Health Profiles makes it easy to keep as much information as you wish, get to it anytime you need it, and it has the tools to help you everyday!
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How much does the software cost? Health Profiles Professional has a one time cost of $325. This entitles you to keep as much data on as many people you want to. Updates to the software are included at no charge. Back To Top

Can I try out Health Profiles Professional to see if I like it? Yes please do! Simply click on the Download Free Trial on the left side of this page. You can try it for two weeks completely free and without any obligation. Back To Top

Is there a lot of data entry to be done? No. Majority of the data should be received from your patients who use Health Profiles at home. In effect, they are doing the data entry at home and you are simply reading in their files. Of course you can do data entry if you need to correct something. You can also use the built in data import program so you can read in data from other sources. In short, there is NO data entry on a day to day basis. Back To Top

Here is a complete listing of everything covered by Health Profiles:
Personal Information,

Health Information,
Body Mass Index,
Emergency Contacts,
Health Plan Information,
Medical Conditions,
Medical Equipment,
Drug Allergies,
Food Allergies,
Other Allergies and Conditions,
Doctors Visits,
Blood Pressure Monitoring,
Blood Glucose Monitoring,
Medical Expenses,
Medicine Manager,
Laboratory Tests,
Personal Medical Journals,
Symptoms Tracking,
Surgeries History

Pain Event Tracking,
Family History,
Protected PDF files,
Alzheimers Disease,
Atrial Fibrillation,
Auto Immune Disorder,
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD),
Congestive Heart Failure
Coronary Heart Disease
Cystic Fibrosis,

Hearing Impairments,
Headaches (Migraines, Cluster)
Other Blood Disorders,
HIV Aids,
Muscular Dystrophy,
Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack),
Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension,
Seizure Disorder,
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