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Single Copy Only: You may purchase a single copy of Health Profiles Professional for $325. This does not include the patient version of Health Profiles.  Use this option if you require another copy for a separate office, or you will be recommending Health Profiles to patients, but will not be reselling or providing the copies to patients.  After your purchase, you will receive a separate receipt by email (It will show a purchase from Allied Business Systems Inc.). The CD and registration will be mailed to your office.
Click on the link below to begin your purchase.
Health Profiles Professional Software (1 copy, no bundle): Buy Now
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Professional Practice Purchase Options (all with FREE Shipping):
1. One copy Health Profiles Professional, and 25 copies (on CD's) of Health Profiles for resale to patients.   $1550 Buy Now

2. One copy Health Profiles Professional, and 50 copies (on CD's, with 5% discount) of Health Profiles for resale to patients.   $2652 Buy Now

3. One copy Health Profiles Professional, and 100 copies (on CD's, with 10% discount) of Health Profiles for resale to patients.   $4735 Buy Now

4. One copy Health Profiles Professional, and 150 copies (on CD's,with 15% discount ) of Health Profiles for resale to patients.   $6572 Buy Now

5. One copy Health Profiles Professional, and 250 copies (on CD's, with 30% discount) of Health Profiles for resale to patients.   $8900   (BONUS! Includes practice name on cdrom labels for patients)  Buy Now

6. For initial purchases of quantities over 250 copies, please contact us at

Each of the above bundled purchase options comes with the  following:

  • All patient software is on professionally made CD roms for easy distribution to patients.
  • Each practice receives one free email address for use with the program.  Addresses are at and will feature:
    The practice name for example,
    An individual doctor's name for example, 
    Additional email addresses are only $20 per year per address. These addresses may be used as you wish, but we recommend using them so patients can send their data files to this address.  The address can also be used to communicate with patients from your copy of Health Profiles Professional.
  • Additional purchases of Health Profiles for patients are at the same discount rate as the initial purchase. When the next level of discount is reached, then new copies will be discounted at that level, regardless of how many additional copies are purchased. For example, if you started by purchasing 100 (10% discount) copies, but then ordered an additional 51 copies, those 51 copies would get the 15% discount. 
  • All patient copies are serialized and may be registered on line. We provide an option that will email your office whenever your patient registers their copy of the software.

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